Sprinkling Confetti

When World Kindness Day is observed on Saturday 13th November 2021, it will be a reminder for all of us to reflect on our acts towards others.

Kindness is a fundamental part of being human. A simple gesture that bridges the divides of race, religion, politics, gender and location. A hug, a warm smile, a pat on the back to say “well done” or, at it’s most basic but sometimes most effective, a “please” or “thank you” when giving or receiving.

Make it your goal to perform a random act of kindness today. It doesn’t matter what form it takes or to whom you bestow your kindness upon. Maybe your partner or your parents, a best friend or a neighbour perhaps?

The team at Wedding Party Events have scoured the internet for some wonderfully kind ideas that you, as a Bride (or Groom!) to be, can surprise your closest friends and family with. Here’s our top 10 tips to make your wedding day sparkle with kindness…

  1. Set up a brunch date with your Bridesmaids to show them how much you appreciate their help.
  2. Go dress shopping with your Mum (or your closest family and friends). Make it a fun, girls day out!
  3. Donate your wedding favour budget to charity.
  4. Be polite to your wedding suppliers. They will be going the extra mile to make sure your day goes without issue. Make them feel special!
  5. Ask your parents about their wedding day and make a connection by using a memorable detail from their big day at your wedding.
  6. Take a night off from the ‘wedding chat’ and take your partner out for a ‘wedding free date night’!
  7. Thank your guests for taking the time to celebrate your special day by placing a simple ‘thank you’ card on each seat at the ceremony or wedding breakfast.
  8. Make gift bags for the kids. The youngsters will love a bag of sweets, puzzles and gifts to keep them busy until the dancing begins!
  9. Laugh, Smile & Dance! Nothing will make your friends and family dance at your wedding more than seeing the newlyweds on the dance floor!
  10. Never… not even ever… be a BrideZilla… it’s not a great look!

Everyone of us needs kindness in our lives and the best thing is… it costs nothing to share and even small acts can make a huge impact!

What would the world look like if our children became leaders in kindness? Who will you make smile today?

In a world where you can be anything… Be Kind! It’s the ONE type of contagiousness we need to spread across the planet!

Everything is better with kindness. Why not make every day World Kindness Day?

Happy #worldkindnessday2021 from all of us at Wedding Party Events!