Terms of Service

Paul Chaplin t/a Wedding Party Events whose registered office is at Ashlea, Denham Lane, Barrow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP29 5DZ has prepared these terms and conditions for the benefit of the parties. If you do not understand any part of these terms, please call us for clarification. Any booking whether confirmed verbally, electronically or in writing will be a legally binding contract subject to the following, non-negotiable terms and conditions of booking.

1. Our Service

1.1     We will provide the entertainment as set out in the booking contract, subject to Venue restrictions. We will arrive promptly, be smartly dressed as appropriate, act cordially and accommodate reasonable requests to the best of our ability, subject to this contract.

1.2    It is Your responsibility to ensure that the Venue holds PRS (Performing Rights Society) and PPL (Public Performance License) licenses and/or purchase a temporary license where needed. In the case of private, not for profit Events these licenses are not normally required.

1.3   We will accept music lists and requests in advance of Your Event. We will endeavour to play a reasonable number of requests from You and Your Guests at Your Event. However, We cannot guarantee the inclusion of any difficult to source, obsolete or deleted titles either requested at the Event or in advance. Available tracks requested will be played at the earliest appropriate time and at the DJs discretion.

1.4   Neither You or Your Guests are permitted to adjust, move or use Our equipment without Our consent.

2. Bookings, Deposits And Amendments

2.1   You may hold a date in writing or by telephone, reserved without obligation for 5 working days for Your deposit to arrive. When bookings are made 30 days or less prior to Your Events date, the total fee is payable in order to secure Your booking.

2 .2 Our payment method is direct bank transfer as outlined in Your booking email.

2.3 Your deposit, once cleared, will be deducted from the total cost of Your booking. It will confirm Your booking and Your agreement with these terms and conditions. All deposits are non-refundable except under clauses 4.1 and 4.2.

2 .4 Where the date of the Event is changed, the deposit can be carried over to another date, without penalty, subject to availability. Reasonable Venue changes are likewise transferable. Exceptional changes to contract arrangements may incur additional charges.

2.5 Failure to pay the deposit within the terms specified may be deemed by Us to be a termination of the contract by the Client.

3. Balance Payments And Cancellations

3.1.  Your balance is due no less than 30 days before Your Event date. You are welcome to pay balances in advance of this date if You prefer.

3.2   Failure to pay the balance due within the terms specified may be deemed by Us to be a termination of Our services and Your deposit will be forfeited and Our cancellations policy will come in to effect (see 3.3).

3.3   Upon confirmation of Your booking We refuse all other work for the same date, hence we are unlikely to recover Our losses should it be necessary for You to cancel. For this reason We recommend that You consider a wedding insurance policy that will cover you for this outcome. For dance floor cancellations less than 90 days before Your Event date, 100% of the dance floor hire fee will be payable and You will be invoiced for this amount. For all other services Our cancellation fees are outlined below…

Cancellation Period 60 days or more before Event date = Your Deposit
Cancellation Period 31 – 59 days before Event date = 50% of Total Fee
Cancellation Period 30 days or less before Event date = 100% of Total Fee

4. Cancellations By Us

4.1.  Force Majeure – In the unlikely event that We are unable to fulfil the contract due to unavoidable circumstances such as, but not limited to, sickness, injury, theft, terrorist activity, impassable road/weather conditions, acts of God or pandemic, You will be informed at the earliest opportunity. If entertainment cannot be provided in this instance, a full refund for the amount equal to, but not exceeding, the total value actually paid by You and received by Us will be issued. This will be the full extent of Our liability.

4.2.  Should no alternative entertainment be found where We are unable to fulfil this contract through fault of our own, any monies paid by You will be refunded in full for the amount equal to, but not exceeding, the total value actually paid by You and received by Us. This will be the full extent of Our liability.

4.3.  You have the right to refuse alternative entertainment offered. In this instance any monies paid by you would be refunded, minus a booking fee equal to the amount of Your required deposit, as this will be deemed a cancellation of Our services.

5. Health And Safety

5.1   Our DJs hold Public Liability Insurance (PLI) up to the value of £10 million & certification of a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) on all equipment over 12 months old. We will, on request, provide the relevant certificates to the Venue.

5.2  We reserve the right to refuse to perform where the staging area or mains power supply and/or sockets are prohibitively unsafe.

5.3  Where the Event is being held in a marquee, the Venue shall ensure that the work area is dry and that suitable space and power (as outlined in section 8.1) is made available. We accept no responsibility for damage to electrical equipment if caused by a result of working in inappropriate weather conditions.

6. Conduct Of Clients And Guests

6.1  It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure the appropriate behaviour of Guests and that children are supervised. We accept no responsibility for injury to any Guests caused by their own negligence, action or inaction.

6.2  We do not tolerate violent, aggressive or abusive behaviour whether verbal or physical. Should unsafe and/or drunken behaviour threaten the safety of Guests, the DJ performance or Our equipment, You and/or the Venue will be, where possible, informed, either directly or by microphone announcement. In such situations We reserve the right to stall or end the show prematurely and without refund.

6.3  You shall be liable for theft/damage by You or Your Guests to items/equipment owned by Us that occur during the Event. Costs incurred may cover repair or replacement of damaged equipment and hire charges in order to carry on Our business as usual whilst said equipment is unusable. You will be informed as soon as possible should any theft or damage occur, and afterward invoiced appropriately.

7. Malfunctions

7.1  We shall endeavour to keep all disco equipment well maintained, and carry a reasonable amount of backup equipment.

7.2   The Hirer shall realise that whilst We have backup equipment in place and every reasonable safeguard is assured, the breakdown of electrical equipment can be an unavoidable occurance and is often outside of Our control. We will, however, make every reasonable effort to rectify a breakdown situation. In the extremely unlikely situation of a non-performance, or if a total failure occurs through fault of Our own, the Hirer will be refunded on a pro rata basis. In this situation, this will be the full extent of Our liability.

7.3   We shall not be liable for loss or failure of sound and/or lighting due to external circumstances beyond Our control such as, but not limited to, power cuts or other failure of the electrical supply, fire & flood or similar evacuations.

7.4   Clapping or cheering can often trigger sound level limiters in some Venues. These limiters cut the power for a set period of time and can damage sound equipment. In such circumstances We will not be liable for any time that our equipment is not operational. You may wish to confirm with Your Venue if such equipment is installed and what to expect if it is triggered,

8. Venue Access And Set Up

8.1  We require guaranteed access to at least one free, secure parking space at the venue for the duration of the event.

8.2  A flat performance space of 3.5m (W) x 1m (D) x 2m (H) is normally required for Our disco services, with access to at least two  earthed, unshared standard 13 Amp UK AC power sockets. If the space available does not meet these requirements please contact Us to determine the suitability of Your Venue for Our service.

8.3  Set-up takes approximately 90 minutes and breakdown approximately 60 minutes. These timings exclude loading/unloading equipment to/from the Venue. Where venue uplighting is being used or for awkward and/or above ground-floor access, this time may be extended. Dance floor set up normally takes about 30 – 45 minutes depending on Venue accessibility and the size and style of your dance floor. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to allow enough time and space for installation prior to Your Event.

8.4  You should check with the Venue to ensure that the staging/unloading areas are clear and accessible for set-up and breakdown of Our equipment.  We will make no refund or extension to the agreed performance time when the start time is delayed due to the staging area being inaccessible during the agreed set up time, when prior engagements overrun or for any other circumstance where inadequate set up time is allocated.

8.5   Performance will commence as outlined in Your booking form and after a safe set up has been completed and checked.

8.6   We accept no liability and offer no refund when equipment hired is restricted by the Venue. Smoke/Haze, Confetti and other special effects will only be used with the Venue managers permission. It is Your responsibility to check that these effects, where booked, are suitable for Your Venue.

8.7   Where We are engaged to work alongside a band or other entertainment, it is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that adequate space exists within the performance area for all entertainers to set up their equipment and that separate power outlets exist. (see 8.2).

9. Extended Performance Times

9.1   If the Event schedule is changed for any reason and the agreed performance time is altered or if Your Event starts before or ends after Our included package times, We reserve the right to apply additional, non-refundable charges as set out below…

Per Half Hour before 7:00pm = £25.00
Per Half Hour after midnight = £50.00

9.2   Additional and non-refundable charges for extended performance times are to be paid in advance of the extension. We reserve the right to refuse to extend performance times when not arranged in advance of the Event date.

10. Definitions

10.1   Definitions of terms used in these Terms of Service are outlined as follows;

We; Us; Our; The DJ – Paul Chaplin t/a Wedding Party Events
You; Your; The Hirer; The Client – With whom the booking is made and this contract drawn
Guests – The persons invited by The Hirer and given entry to The Venue
The Venue –  The function suite(s) or facilities where entertainment provided by Us takes place
Event – The function for the period that We are booked including set up and breakdown times