DJ mixing songs at a Suffolk wedding on a DJ controller

Experience is KEY and when it comes to choosing your wedding entertainment you will want to choose a DJ with experience in bundles!

This is because, a good wedding DJ is more than someone who plays music and works equipment. A good wedding DJ can, amongst other things, be a master of ceremonies, an entertainer and the host of your party. You and your guests will look to your DJ to organise and direct the flow of your evening, and often the entire day. If, for instance, you are using a DJ throughout your wedding day to make announcements and introduce speeches or other key moments then he should be confident and able enough to do this as required and be experienced enough to know when.

Does he check to see if the champagne glasses are full before he introduces the toasts? Does he check that your caterer is ready before announcing the cake cutting? Are the bride and groom together before introducing the first dance? Is the photographer ready to capture the moment? A wedding DJ should know to do all of these things when necessary and without being prompted”.

The above advice is just a very small excerpt from my free 14 page guide to ‘Choosing The Right Wedding DJ’. There are, of course, many more skills that help make a good wedding DJ and, more importantly, plenty of great techniques to find the right one for you! The complete guide is yours to download for free when you request a no-obligation quote for one of my wedding disco packages. Please visit my quote page now to take the first steps to some incredible wedding entertainment today.

Paul Chaplin
Professional Wedding DJ
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